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Discover the difference our Sessions, Mentor-ship and Books will make

Thank You for your interest in inquiring about ordering a session with Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.   

Dr. von Lähr is a preeminent Master Clairvoyant, and as such you are entertaining a session with one of the most gifted psychic, clairvoyant, medium and medical intuitives in the United States.  He is one of the very few that visit cities across the nation on a regular basis, every year.  You may book a Phone session, or you may approach his booth at major Exposition Events and secure a session time.

Christian is not providing an entertaining session, there are no devices used such as Crystal Balls, Pendulums, Tarot Cards etc. , and he is not doing fortune telling.  Instead, he uses his completely natural and highly attuned psychic and clairvoyant abilities garnered over decades of spiritualistic experience.  This is the "real deal," as they say. Anything available through the spiritual realms is available through him, to you.  As a Master Clairvoyant, the only one acknowledged and practicing in the United States, he exceeds the depth and results available through conventional psychic venues.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.  reads your mind, as well - he will understand the nature of your requirements before you answer the phone.  He DOES require you to take your session seriously, though, as this is not an entertainment venue - he is success oriented.  He is there to bring about improvement for you, period - no problem/problem(s) are too big.  You are required to participate fully and responsibly in your Session.  He will ask questions only to validate his approach so as to substantiate that enough groundwork has been laid so that you can complete your session understanding where he is coming from - and in so doing, he has confidence you can follow any prescribed recommendations.  Again, he is success oriented.


Orders in 2015 are taken and processed by Myst of the Oracle Corporation. EMAIL

Orders in 2016 and after are taken and processed by christian|TOREN Corporation. EMAIL



Orders are taken subject to several guidelines, noted below:

NO SAME DAY ORDERS:  No orders are scheduled and delivered on the same day, except at Touring Events, Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Workshops and Book Signings.

CALL TIMES:  Orders placed between 2 PM and 10 PM Pacific Time will be scheduled within one day at the earliest, depending on availability of openings.  Sessions are delivered within 1 week, or sooner, subject to the Session Days and Session Days guideline that follows. 

SESSION TIMES:  Session times by phone are scheduled from 2 PM through 10 PM.

... see our CONTACTS page


SESSION DAYS:  Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is the session clairvoyant/psychic, counselor or mentor.  He performs his Phone Sessions on Thursdays routinely, and Wednesday through Friday if he has an open schedule. If Christian Toren is not performing at a scheduled event, then Saturday and Sunday may optionally be available.  Since there is no broad availability, you need to call to check when you may be accommodated.

HOW TO ORDER:  ALL orders are scheduled via phone scheduling (see Contact Page» in separate window).  They may be ordered directly this way, or via this website (subject to phone scheduling).

SPECIALS:  From time-to-time christian|TOREN may run a special program.  "Specials" may have other restrictions placed on them, and/or the preceding guidelines may vary.

EVENT ORDERS:  You may pre-order and pre-pay your event attendance sessions by contacting us directly (see HOW TO ORDER above).  You may also obtain an appointment and pre-pay your session in-person at the event.  Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is available all day at an event, and will almost always be available for sessions 2 or more hours after an exposition event is scheduled to end. 

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICING:  christian|TOREN offers a discounted session availability on an Early Bird special basis, and at Exposition events only.  These are within the first hour of an event opening.  You will need to call in advance to secure this limited-offer discount, and pre-pay your order.  As an exception, there are a couple of very large events where we cannot offer this Early Bird special pricing.

NO CANCELLATIONS AT EVENTS:  Event sessions are very time sensitive.  You must keep your appointments and check-in 15-min before hand.  There are no cancellations at events due to the disruption that an cancellation would otherwise cause.

PRICING:  With the exception of specials indicated above, or special-event Seminars and Workshops, our standard pricing is in effect.  Pricing for various services vary from one another.  There are several time and term variances between services.   

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SESSION TERM:  This is typically 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 60-minutes.  (see Recommendations below.)  You have to option to chose an appropriate term.  Longer terms are available.  As you will note in this and on other Policy pages, these are slightly discounted terms - if your Session exceeds its term you may go over at the standard per-minute rate of $6. per minute. The aforementioned term and pricing will differ for Mentoring, please see that page under Events and Services for the variances.

RECORDING:  Recording your session is a complimentary gift - IT IS NOT PART OF YOUR PURCHASE.  You may record your sessions by phone, or in-person.  We WILL attempt to record all sessions, but we simply cannot guarantee technology - your sessions are considered delivered when BY-PHONE or IN-PERSON.



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New clients should consider the 45-minute or the 1-hour term option for their for their first Session.  Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.  provides CONSIDERABLY more content and information than one typically experiences from traditional psychics.  Follow-up session or a general Reading start at 1/2 hour.

If your are seeking Real-World and/or practical advice, then you want to inquire about MENTORing - this is a different process than our spiritual sessions.  Inquire about this during your call.

... see our CLAIRVOYANCE sub-menu



GENERAL READING (30-min) | order now

...see our CLARVOYANCE page

If you have a limited scope for your Session, then the session can focus on that subject in 30-min, with some time usually to touch lightly on other subjects.  I general rule-of-thumb is if you can reduce your interests to a question or series of questions then 30-min may be sufficient for you.  Or, if you have no particular focus or interest and you want a purview of what the world holds for you, this may be a sufficient term.

Questions are not a particular requirement as Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. will almost always ascertain the valid reasons for your session immediately.  This is because your Auric energy has in indirect value - it contrasts what your brain activity shows, as brain activity is NOT in a spiritual color.  This gives Christian immediate insight, and establishes a priority for him automatically by the intensity of the brain activity.  He will confirm where your mind has been busy and indicate that if your mind is busy it is trying to solve a problem - your session should be about resolving those problem(s).  This is an ability unique to Christian - you will not see this instant means to determining Reading purpose elsewhere.  He uses it so he can quickly start applying his considerably Higher reach towards bringing you success in those trouble areas.

As a Master Clairvoyant Christian is NOT limited to the present.  He may, for example, see a considerable brain response pertaining to the father.  Yet, he may say this is not a current issue, yet, this event or series of events pertaining to the father has defined your life and has created a series of issues, all of which you are experiencing now, and these are...  He might detect right away that although your brain activity is being applied to a certain relationship, it is counter-productive because it is the wrong person.  And, he will tell you why.  Along this line he might indicate you are showing an interest in making a change in your career, but there is a health issue that should also be presented to you - THEN he will solve your career concerns.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. strives to leave you at the end of your session with success, however it needed to be defined, at hand.  His job is to further your existence in the best or most reasonable way.  He will NOT always agree with you, so only engage his services if you are truly looking for the truth - it's the only way he can work.  This includes your not thinking Rightly ... in which case he WILL get you on track so the success can ensue.

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. DOES NOT use tools, devices or modalities - this session is the REAL DEAL.  He will absolutely not provide answers or (impressions) from Crystal Balls, Pendulums, Tarot Cards, Scrying or stones - he will get the information at the Highest source your are allowing, which will at minimum exceed modalities.  Please be very truthful in your Session if he is seeking to validate in perception, it simply will not fly and you will be wasting expensive time.  Similarly, it is pointless to play a "logical game" or being-the-psychologist - Christian will immediately see an underlying issue that is causing this deficient mind-set, and CORRECT THAT before proceeding. 

A session with Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D.  is work - REAL WORK.  If you are ready, then reserve a session.

OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE is that your General Reading will establish any key area of your life where your mind is working against your spiritual destiny.  THIS IS WHY we have established Metaphysical programs, whereby we can intercede on your thinking with a particular metaphysical agenda. 

NOTE:  Consider following your General Reading with an appropriate Metaphysical program, for special spiritual assistance in bringing about the changes necessary for your success.  This would be warranted if there was a problem that surfaced that needed to be resolved.



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoHEALTH SCANS (45-min) | order now 

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE, and MEDICAL pages

If you are pursuing a Session to ascertain Wellness Health Scans and spiritual diagnosis and treatment recommendations you will need 45-minutes; Christian evaluates you from head to toe.   He picks up all your health issues of consequence in life.  He connects the dots to differentiate symptoms from any actual underlying causes.  However, he gives you a recommendation of treatment for both the symptoms and the cause to derive the most immediate benefit, and long term benefit.

IF YOUR ADVERSE HEALTH CONDITION has existed for a long period without benefit from your Medical practitioner(s), then you should consider the Medical Intuition program below - it will provide more targetted information and recommendations.

NOTE: Follow-up your Health Scan with the (1) month Metaphysical program, for speedier and more comfortable recovery.  



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoSOUL MATE DRAW (45-min) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and SOUL MATE pages

If you are pursuing a Session to ascertain the particulars for drawing a Soul Mate you will need 45-minutes; the detail will likely astound you. This will not be a Reading of a type you've experience before.  Christian's goal is to find a particular person, their name, location, what they do, what month you will meet them, what day you will meet them, what time you will meet them, WHERE you will meet them, what they are wearing, what they do, why they are drawn to you. This will seem nothing short of a miracle, though actually, it is a very long lost technique used up until the 1300's when finding a Soul Mate was a standard process of life.

A SoulMate Draw is precise but complex in that it spans four (4) months and has a great number of elements and requirements, all of which have been explained.  However, people have an ingrained perception of these elements and requirements, and will tend to simply respond to them as they always have, and/or not remain open to the signs.  Metaphysics "has your back" so-to-speak, providing intuitive influences over you to better help you conduct your attraction phases properly.

NOTE:  Follow-up your Soul Mate draw session with three (3) Metaphysical sessions timed to start at the beginning of your "Closure" cycle, or within one month prior.  (Your cycles would have been clairvoyantly determiend for you by Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. 

NOTE:  Follow-up your Soul Mage draw session with a 30-min General Reading to REVIEW your Closure Month's precise procedure.  This is essentially the most important month in anyone's life, and it occurs at a precise time every year.  This Session should start at the beginning of your Closure Month.



COMBINED (1-hour) | order now  To do both a Health Scan and a Soul Mate Draw preliminary evaluation in a session it is recommended that you obtain a 1-hour session at minimum, as the information will be quite lengthy.


NOTE:  Both of these areas of focus would benefit from Metaphysical sessions.  You should consider a follow-up Healing Metaphysical treatment for one (1) month, unless otherwise advised.  Similarly, you want to consider three (3) successive SoulMate Metaphysical Treatments starting at the beginning of your "Closure" cycle.  IF THESE OVERLAP, then the two Treatment types can be combined to reduce the expense.



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoMEDICAL INTUITION (60-min) | order now

...see our MEDICAL and CLAIRVOYANCE pages

Use this comprehensive yet highly focused session to track down the cause of puzzling medical situations when the medical community has given up on you.  It is an alternative to suffering when the world at large offers you no hope.  There is hope, and there are answers in the spiritual realm.  Christian evaluates you from head to toe.   He picks up all your health issues of consequence in life.  He connects the dots to differentiate symptoms from any actual underlying causes.  However, he gives you a recommendation of treatment for both the symptoms and the cause to derive the most immediate benefit, and long term benefit.

NOTE:  Follow-up your Medical Intuition session with three (3) Healing Metaphysical Sessions, in succession.  This will allow Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. to send suggestions to your Higher Self to reprogram your sub-conscious to participate in correcting your condition(s) naturally.





christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoPICK UP THE PIECES  (1-hour) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and MENTOR pages

(Mentoring and Master Clairvoyance combined)  If life has been a train wreck, a roller coaster, or you need to start over down a different BUT DIVINELY GUIDED path, please give us a call.  Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is one of the very few in the world who can literally see your destiny - what you were MEANT TO DO.  Nothing can achieve greater success in life than to be on this particular path - only this way brings you complete spiritual support.

Christian doesn't just suggest, he directs - he will tell you HOW to get there, what to do, what to expect, and the signs of success to watch for.

Depending on your age in life, thus a reflection on the severity of dissatisfaction in your wake, you may elect to have this Reading as an EXTENDED session.  See below.

NOTE:  Consider following your Pick up the Pieces Mentoring session right away with a MANIFESTATION Metaphysical Treatment program.  This adds a spiritual inflluence to your [thinking], intended to help you become more aware of key factors, and to act/react appropriately to them.

  NOTE:  Follow-up your Pick up the Pieces Mentoring session with a 30-minute General Reading in 90 days.   (see above)



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoEXTENDED (2-hours) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and MENTOR pages

(Mentoring and Master Clairvoyance combined. ) When you have multiple areas of interests to address, which themselves already have complications to be solved - and, it you want to add additional objectives such as Past Lives, Karmic Issues, Destiny to name a few - then it is more efficient and effective to pursue them all in one extended session.  This would provide a connection between all of the components and provides you with that extra benefit of "knowing;" you understand your life in the context of your existence.  In so doing your circumstances in life are rendered obvious outcomes, and the future can become predictable on the current path - or you can introduce the recommended change to achieve your destiny.

This EXTENDED session is analogous to a small Life Reading.

NOTE:  Follow-up your EXTENDED Mentoring session with a 30-minute General Reading in 90 days.  (see above)  The presumption is that some change will have been required based on the Extended session - the results of this change should be reviewed.



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoFULL TERM  (15-hours) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and MENTOR pages

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D is a professional counselor / consultant. He has many decades of qualified experience advising people from the lowest walks of life on up to Fortune500 leaders, industries themselves and even countries.

Christian essentially walks you down the correct path, identifying both the change required and the HOW TO to achieve that change; all of which CHANGES YOUR LIFE.   When one has spent their lifetime following a particular track that results in a career that they have come to rely on, it is a complicated matter to transition onto one's PATH without consequence.  However, there is a way - Christian shows you the easiest solution for transition.

A FULL TERM session often reflects on key milestones or transitions in life, even since childhood, and shows you the pathway that the Divine had already laid for you, but which has become overgrown with the growth of traditional life.  Often our careers have indeed served a purpose, and it will be a benefit during your transition in some way.  All the puzzle pieces are figured out for you, you just need to see the plan presented like a jig-saw puzzle, so you see how the pieces of your life, and changes in your life, will complete a perfect picture.

Best option for those wanting to start on a new path or direction, as considerable direction must be given.

NOTE:  Consider following up your FULL TERM Mentor program with three (3) Metaphysical programs in immediate succession.  First, the HEALING Metaphysical Treatment program for 30-days.  Then, the CONFIDENCE Metaphysical Treatment program for 30-days.  Lastly, the MANIFESTATION Metaphysical Treatment program for 30-days. 

NOTE: Ninety (90) days after your FULL TERM program, follow-up with a 1-hour COMBINED READING Session.  This session will use Master Clairvoyance to ascertain the progress being made, and to unearth any barriers still placed in the way.



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoHALF TERM  (8-hours) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and MENTOR pages

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D is a professional counselor / consultant. He has many decades of qualified experience advising people from the lowest walks of life on up to Fortune500 leaders, industries themselves and even countries.

Christian essentially walks you down the correct path, identifying both the change required and the HOW TO to achieve that change; all of which CHANGES YOUR LIFE.   Once the transition in a new direction has occurred there may be need for the same expert advice that got you there, the FULL TERM mentor-ship above.  This is a great opportunity to overcome the new obstacles you encounter without them interruption your momentum.

Can also be used by those who have already started their transition and want to confirm their direction, and determine the easiest route to immediate success.  This may similarly be used by those starting out in life, yet wise enough to know there is a RIGHT way, which may not be the most common way, to achieving success and happiness.

Best as a continuation of a prior Mentor program.

NOTE:  Follow-up your HALF-TERM Mentor program with 1 MANIFESTATION Metaphysical Treatment program. This will bring spiritual influence to make your transition easier.



christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoHOURLY (1-hour) | order now

...see our CLAIRVOYANCE and MENTOR pages

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D is a professional counselor / consultant. He has many decades of qualified experience advising people from the lowest walks of life on up to Fortune500 leaders, industries themselves and even countries.

Christian essentially walks you down the correct path, identifying both the change required and the HOW TO to achieve that change; all of which CHANGES YOUR LIFE.

The hourly option can be used in a general way, where factual real-world experience can aid the client for an hour, or it can be used as an ADDITIONAL hour for those who have completed a Mentoring program.

Best as a FOLLOW-UP, pertaining to a specific issue.




christian|TOREN licensed image ©2016 DepositPhotoMETAPHYSICS (15-sessions, 30-days) | order now

... see our TREATMENTS page

Metaphysical Sessions do not require any subsequent conversation, participation or involvement from the Client. Only your agreement to let Christian work with your Higher Self for your betterment is required. Christian takes over and does all the work - it all happens in the background. The program has a start and an end date. There is no paperwork or telephone conversations required, as this is totally spiritual at the highest level.

Metaphysics can be applied with equal results to {Addiction, Aura, Behavior, Confidence, Defense, Empowerment, Healing, Hormones, Job, Learning, Manifestation, Metaphysics, Path, Procedure, Psychism, Relationships, Soulmate, Stress, Testing, Writing.}




Our Nature Spirit books are the first ones in the world that are directly channeled by the Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns and Fairys.  They even pick the subjects, and define the books to write.  As nature people age very slowly over approximately 1000-2000 years, they will tend to communicate [younger].  The older wizened ones also come in, but as indicated, their wisdom belies their age.  Collectively these spirits of nature from all the influences of the elements tend to speak on a great many subjects that we approach these days from a New Age perspective.

There is a progression to the books. It is our recommendation that you read them in this sequence:

  • If You Could Only See... A Gnome's Story
  • Seeing and Sensing Gnomes,...Hey Look'y Hea'h
  • The Magic of Gnomes and Leprechauns... It's Natural
  • Magical Powers and Mystical Beings... Anyone for Jinn?


BOOK 1  STORY | order now

... see the webpage for this book


If You Could Only See... A Gnome's Story

This book kicks of the series.  It is representative of the perspective of the first Gnome that came into our purview, and demonstrates an astounding awareness, demonstration and proof that there are other realms of existence.

Peter Jön, our first and most psychic of Gnomes came to us because he relates to our work.  He brings forth many of his friends and family to convey a comprehensive exposure to their existence.  Together, they offer some insight on not just how they can be seen, but also why. 

This work provides the foundational information on the various types of Nature People, what they look like, what their characteristics are, where they live, what they do, and even why they connect with us. 

Our first and primary premise is, GNOMES ARE REAL!  We the author are on our second decade of teaching people how to see Nature People, eyes-open, as-they-exist.  A great place to start.


BOOK 2  SEEING | order now

... see the webpage for this book


Seeing and Sensing Gnomes... Hey Look'y Hea'h

After the first book took the Metaphysical world by story, people wanted an authenticated work that provided a greater focus on the training, learning and experiences of Seeing and Sensing Gnomes.  Other Nature People are included in the training process.

The first book provides a context in which to hold these CHILDREN of Nature, as they are most often very young to our experience, yet technically older and evolved by their years alone.  It sets a great foundation for opening up to a fuller experience. This second volume helps you to hone your viewing and communication skills as well as helping you understand the very nature of the People you are trying to connect with.  This helps you in defining how they can benefit your life, and how you can benefit theirs.


BOOK 3  MAGIC | order now

... see the webpage for this book


The Magic of Gnomes and Leprechauns... It's Natural

By now you've got the gist of what Nature People are, how to see them, and how and where they live.  That was the foundations of books 1 and 2.  With this third volume we explore WHAT THEY CAN DO. 

As beings of another dimension, technically sub-planes of our Physical world, they by nature must exist in a different field of energy, both physically and consciously - THEY DO.  Learning this, and how to experience it at first, then to work with their abilities and/or their energy environment is nothing short of MAGIC to our limited and dense physical existence.

The great thing about the Magic of the Nature People is that it is quite demonstrable.  As well, it is repeatable.  The books adds the rationale to complete an answer to their mystery that is analogous to scientific method.  We don't want to just tell you Nature People are real, we want to prove it.  Join thousands who have taken the plunge to explore life beyond our normal senses.


BOOK 4  POWERS | order now

... see the webpage for this book


Magical Powers and Mystical Beings... Anyone for Jinn?

This later work goes beyond the perspective of local experience of Nature People. It is a reflection on their basic learned wisdom of the ages.  They speak of such distant concepts as Cosmos, and even Deity.  They elaborate on the varied kinds of this world/life, and speculate on what else exists.

This book is recommended for those who want the greater spiritual, metaphysical even esoteric perspective on the lives of Nature People. 

A unique focus on this volume is that it lends credence to many of the beings of life that we have presumed were mythical.  NOT TRUE.  They existed in the past and they exist now - and there is a very logical reason that the average layman does not perceive them at all.  There has to be an altering of your energy to match their world - a simple logic.  There is a reason that these magical beings exist, they actually serve purposes.  There is also a reason that they were captured in mythology and more importantly WHEN they were recorded.

Little does the world understand that our accelerated progress, which has changed the landscape of the world, has had a direct impact on the aetherical realm.  It is now A NECESSITY that they put a concerted effort into coming to our awareness - they must now cohabitate, so to speak, we are changing their environment almost daily.  Fortunately this is quite doable - and the experience alone of having an interactive realm of life in your present day existence is worth the price of the book.  But beyond this, the experience is nothing short of life-changing.  How can your life stay the same as its been unless you have proof of another type of existence?

Read it last in the series.




Read, understand and agree to the POLICIES:  Our Services, their Orders, and the entire order process is always dependent on the policies and procedures related to Returns and Cancellations. 

There are several preambles and premises within that Policy that a new or returning client must always be cognizant of.  Most important of these is our recommendation that you review your health, legal and financial matters with your personal professional expert before engaging our spiritual services. If this is an Emergency, go to an Emergency Room first; or your Lawyer or Financial Counselor. - legal processes will often dictate or require them as a first line of defense.

To help you make the most informed decision you may click on the link below to open up the Returns and cancellation Policy in a separate window:

Returns and Cancellations Policy page»


There may also be other Policies in place related to Ordering.  See the Main Content Section above for these.  Certain events and special sessions may have additional requirements.



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  • Phone Session times 2 PM through 10 PM.
  • Session days Thursdays routinely, and Wednesday through Friday depending upon availability.