Medical Intuition

Christian TOREN is one of the more gifted clairvoyants in America - in fact, he is a Master Clairvoyant.  His rare gift allows him to see eyes-open, not just via mental impressions.  He can perceive conditions in the body by his masterful use of colors in the energies that pervade everything in the body.  Compared to baseline values, problems are easily detected.  Other abilities come into play to gain historical insight of the problem and what it would take to rectify the abnormality.  As a Master Clairvoyant can maintain an awareness of the total body, he can make the associations and analogies to determine what particular series of events caused or led to the medical unwellness.

This is a very rare and special gift - the rarest of all. Christian TOREN has literally read thousands of doctors, nurses and medical professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists.  They too have come to gain the benefit of his insight.  He provides the same quality and level of service to everyone.

Some unwellness is due to conditions of several small organs in the brain.  He sees these and if/and what drugs has affected these.  Other conditions have an additional spiritual component if the client was born a natural psychic.  Many conditions start very early in per-teen years, especially for girls and women.  Almost everyone's condition is compounded by the time Christian TOREN gets to see the client - he therefore also picks up the treatments a client has had, and the interactive affects of the unwellness condition.

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NOTE(1): Medical Intuition is provided under the agreement that you have already pursued the advice and treatment of licensed medical doctors and health professionals.


Remote Viewer and Medical Intuitive

Christian TOREN von Lähr is a Clairvoyant, Claircoginzant Medium that can remotely scan people - and places - anywhere in the world.

He is a world-class Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor.  Christian uses is gift as a Master Clairvoyant and the attribute of seeing 65,000,000 colors to analyze the conditions of the body and mind.  This allows him to immediately detect abnormal situations [everywhere], and the history of its condition.  The pattern leads him to the most direct, effective and affordable treatment suggestion.

NOTE(2):  Remote Clairvoyance is not impede by either time or distance.  In many cases it works BETTER, as Christian TOREN will almost always pre-scan clients who have Phone sessions. He enters the session with an Agenda already planned out, which can provide more time, effectively, to cover the treatment phase.