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Christian TOREN is a counselor / consultant extraordinaire  He has many decades of qualified experience advising people from the lowest walks of life on up to industry leaders.

Mentoring takes advantage of this true experience, in addition to Christian TOREN's inherent clairvoyant abilities.

Mentoring is provided by the hour, but is usually delivered in a block of hours as he essentially walks you down the correct path, identifying both the change required and the HOW TO to achieve that change; all of which CHANGES YOUR LIFE.

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  • NOTE(1): There are other Mentor time options available on the Order Page.



Christian TOREN is a true Master Clairvoyant.  This means he goes beyond random psychic impressions.  He goes beyond mere mental, or true spiritual images traditional clairvoyance provides. Christian TOREN sees your ENTIRE existence, not just this life - this allows him to see your TRUE PATH, and to ascertain how it applies to this lifetime, and what it will take to get you on the life's variation of your Path. This is your Destiny.

Your destiny also includes a PRECISE Soul Mate draw; of which we actually have (3).  This precision is as well a Destiny; so Christian TOREN sees the exact Month of the destined meeting, the Day, the Hour, Where you should be, Who they are, and Why they are being drawn to you.

All this he sees it in 65,000,000 colors.  This would be an astounding ability, btw.  This dynamic response from you, and anyone/anything that comes in for you, acts like a tremendous informational library.  He WILL know all.  He sees past, present and future.

Your issues may pertain to other matters as well, such as Career/work; Security issues; Relocation; Family problems; Legal, Financial or Health matters(1); Gender Identity; Making your relationship work; Changing your Life; Preventing negative influence; and Adjustments of Life.

Christian TOREN's reach is to a realm above where Heaven is situated in the Planes of Consciousness - as such, he will speak quickly so as not to interrupt the vast flow of inspiration that comes in.

This makes Christian TOREN, the Master Clairvoyant, A SOLUTIONS EXPERT.  A session with him should be based on truly wanting something fixed.  There will be some philosophy related, and some instruction, to facilitate the wisdom.

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  • NOTE(1): You are advised by legal precedence to seek the prior advice of Lawyers, Accountants and Doctors in fields defined as Professional.
  • NOTE(2): There are Clairvoyant time options available on the Order Page.


Metaphysical Treatments

Christian TOREN offers a vast assortment of focused Metaphysical Treatments allowing him to reach your Higher Self to induce wellness in many areas.  He does the work, you get automatic improvement. This works spiritually because your Higher Self is actually willing for you to be well. 

He offers many focused Treatments to choose from.  Place your Order and either add a comment, or send us an Email to follow-up your order to your particular Treatment Track.

Metaphysics is provided behind-the-scenes; there is no instruction, feedback, conversation needed or provided.  This is to remove ALL mental/thinking connections to your condition and treatment... you just let it happen.

  1. Metaphysical Healing/Wellness Track
  2. Confidence/Direction Track
  3. Manifestation Track
  4. Empowerment Track
  5. Project or Writing Empowerment Track
  6. Switching to Spiritual Path Track
  7. Psychic Development Track
  8. Psychic Defense Track
  9. Family Relationships Track
  10. Make Your Relationship Work Track
  11. Learning/Disability Track
  12. Soul Mate Preparation Track
  13. College Tests, various Accreditation Support Track
  14. Medical Procedure Success Empowerment Track
  15. Stress Relief Track
  16. Job Acquisition Track
  17. Addiction Management Track
  18. Behavioral Change Track
  19. Hormonal Balancing Track
  20. Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing Track
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